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Price: 36

Service Description:


This service retrieves the Bluetooth & WiFi MAC addresses for Apple devices manufactured in any factory.

Why would I need it?

Because of the new activation policy from Apple which requires the original MAC addresses to be programmed after changing the Nand.



Sample Reply:



Normal 1-3 Hours !

Daily limit, early submission of early list!

Support Models: iPhone and iPad All Models



1. Please check whether the equipment information is correct before submission, and do not return or replace the wrong information;


2. In case of failure to activate, please follow the steps below:

1. Check whether the serial number, WiFi address and Bluetooth address are written correctly;

2. Check whether the device hard disk and NFC work normally;

3. Brush the machine again,

4. IOS 12 system must be activated with iTunes or WiFi connected to the device. If you use a third-party tool (such as the ace assistant), it will cause failure to activate.


Service: 1-3 Hours, When Start Batch Reply 1-30 Minutes