Delivery Time: 5-10 min

Price: 7.5


  • Supported 6S to X
  • iOS 13/14 Supported
  • Calls / Data
  • iMessage
  • FaceTime
  • Notifications
  • iCloud/AppStore
  • Download Tool


By using our , we consider that you have taken note of the following information:

  • Supported devices: iPh. 6s to X , support checkra1n on iOS 13.X - 14.X
  • No refund will be accepted. If during registration the serial number has been inserted incorrectly, we invite you to contact us (Telegram below)
  • We consider that you know how to use our tool if you have register. (a support service remains available, however)
  • Our support is at your disposal to help you, however, we kindly ask you to be patient and courteous.