Delivery Time: 1-10 days

Price: 99


Factor Unlock that will work overseas and in the USA

This service supports all Android models and is unique in the aspect it only works for devices that meet the criteria below. The SPCS/DFM/Active status being the most important. Please read carefully.

Supported ❤️

    • Active & Clean devices 

    • SPCS:YES

    • Device FED Met=YES 

    • Currently Active=NO

    • Devices active for 50+ days

Not Supported ⚠️

    • SPCS:NO
      Please note if your device reverts from SPCS:YES to NO your device will be relocked as these devices are mostly unbarred

    • Currently Active=YES

    • Device FED Met=NO 

    • Unbarred IMEI 
      Please note if you run your device through unbarring it's strictly prohibited for this service. DO NOT use Sprint Unbarring if you intend to use this service

    • Fraud IMEI

    • Leased Devices

    • Lost or Stolen

    • Devices not activated for at least 50 days

Success Rate: High Ratio on Qualified Devices
Submission Timing: 24-72hrs but some devices take a bit longer. Those can be 5-7 days because they are a tad harder to unlock the right way.
Warranty:  LifeTime Warranty